Top 5 React projects - December edition

Dec 14, 2021

React.js is a very popular front-end framework to build User Interfaces. Scalable, simple and fast — that’s why React is so popular among developers. Scroll down and check our subjective list of Top 5 React projects in December:

❤️ Reactive Search— UI components for building data-driven search experiences. Build the perfect search experience using UI components or by creating your own. 30+ pre-built components with customizable queries and configurable styles.

👀 React bricks— React CMS with Visual editing for Next.js and Gatsby. Edit your website content in a visual way. The tool gives an opportunity to automatically create responsive images, lazy loading, and serving from global CDN

💎 Supernova manages the entire design system lifecycle in one place, without making your team change tools or maintains self-built workflows and integrations. Automate everything to fit the way you work already.

🎉 UI Kitten— A React Native framework for creating stunning cross-platform mobile applications. Design system-based, UI Kitten brings your product from an MVP to the final product version. Forever open source and free!

 React Milkshake — Boilerplates for scalable, high-performance web apps. Generate components or use the CLI handle the create most of the Redux boilerplate for you.

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