The best places to promote startup in 2022

Feb 21, 2022

Do you have your own product, website or app which you want to promote and make popular? Maybe you struggle to find new users? If yes, we present the list of the best place to submit your startup!

1. Product Hunt

1 product hunt

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

2. Owwly

2 owwly

Owwly is a place to promote your startup and find first 10, 100, 1000 users and even more! Gain traffic and new customers. Group for indie hackers, designers and developers who want to build great products.

3. Hacker News

3 hakcer news

Social news website that caters to programmers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to computer science and entrepreneurship.

4. Indie Hackers

4 ih

Thanks to Indie Hackers you can learn from the founders of profitable apps, businesses, side projects and read in-depth interviews about how they did it.


5 alternative me is a platform for optimizing connections between a variety of software and product alternatives. You can find in here suitable software for you!

6. Betapage

6 betapage

Startup community to show startup and discuss ideas. Submit your startup in here and gain early users

7. Betafy

7 betafy

Betafy provides a place for founders to get relevant feedback from a community of startup supporters.

8. Designer News

8 designernews

Designer News is a large, global community of people working in design and technology or those interested in the topics.


9 dev to is a place where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. Anyone can share articles, questions, discussions, etc. as long as they have the rights to the words they are sharing.

10. EZLauncher

10 ezlauncher

EZLauncher is a platform for startups to get noticed & get their brand out into the market. Discover or submit the latest tech products, ideas & startups.

11. Land-book

11 landbook

Land-book collects great looking websites, providing a neatly organized directory of searchable sites for creatives to find inspiration.

12. Landingfolio

12 landingfolio

Landingfolio features the best landing page inspiration, templates, resources and examples on the web. Learn from a growing library of 1,982 landing page designs and 3,829 component examples, updated daily!

13. Lobsters

13 lobsters

Lobsters is a technology-focused link-aggregation site. The site is driven by Ruby on Rails with the source code being freely available for those seeking to create a site similar to Reddit or Hackernews.

14. Dribbble

14 dribbble

Dribbble is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with designers and creative talent around the globe.

Dribbble is an online community for showcasing user-made artwork. It functions as a self-promotion and networking platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and other creative areas

15. Launching Next

15 launching next

Launching Next publishes the newest, trending tech startups and projects. Be among the 29,748 startups already featured

16. SaaSHub

16 saashub

SaaSHub is the independent software marketplace, space to discover software alternatives and reviews

17. StackShare

17 stackshare

StackShare - Tech stack collaboration for developers. Easily map out which open source & SaaS solutions are being used across engineering teams and why they’re being used

18. StartupBase

18 startupbase

StartupBase is a community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It is a place to discover and get early access to exciting new startups.

19. Startup Costs

19 startupcosts

Startup Costs hosts many startups and side projects that bravely share their monthly running costs.

20. StartupInspire

20 startupinsipire

StartupInspire is an inspiration gallery for startup’s, where a high quality of culture and quality placed from around the world.

Do you have your own product which you want to promote and make popular? Maybe you struggle to find new users? 🤔 If yes, visit Owwly. We can help you build traffic on your website.

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